How frequently do I need to have my Turbine serviced?

Endurance E3120 turbines: need to be serviced every 5000 hours of operation. This is the equivalent to approximately once every 8 months so you can expect around 8 services in 5 years.

Endurance E4660 turbines: need to be serviced every 6 months.

Endurance X-Series: all X-series turbines (including X29, X30, X33 X35 and X35Q) should receive a 3 month inspection after commissioning, a 6 monthly service and a 12 monthly service after which servicing is every 6 months. Unlike the E3120 or E4660 where the service contracts are held between the customer and Aeolus Power, the X-series are all managed by Endurance Wind Power and Aeolus Power will service the turbines on their behalf.

How can I be sure that I am using a qualified Turbine Maintenance Team?

Aeolus Power are one of only 4 Endurance Wind Power (EWP) approved service providers. The Aeolus team have also been trained by EWP for Level 1 Operation & Maintenance, laser alignment for generators, flex coupling replacement, X-series servicing and Operation & Maintenance of the X-series. Aeolus technicians have also undertaken an extensive training course with ABB to service and repair the generators, most of which can be done up-tower minimising down time and the cost of repair.

Do I have to use my Turbine Installer to carry out the maintenance work?

No, there is no obligation for you to use any particular dealer for your maintenance work although it is standard for the dealer who installed the turbine to carry out this work in warranty. In order to maintain your 5 year warranty you will need to use an approved Endurance dealer but after this you can choose any provider you like.

Aeolus Power are experts in maintaining and servicing Endurance turbines and as such we are happy to service any Endurance turbine regardless of whether we installed it. New customers can expect a high level of care, an initial face to face onsite meeting to discuss the history of the turbine and any specific requirements as well as a pre handover inspection to determine any existing or urgent issues that need to be addressed.

Aeolus Power carry out independent inspections on any Endurance turbine for customers who are concerned about the level of service their turbine has received. Depending on the condition of the turbine the inspection takes approximately 9 hours and is charged at an hourly rate.

Will the warranty be impaired if I don’t carry out the recommended maintenance?

Yes, in the first 5 years if you chose not to have your turbine serviced this will void the warranty. The Aeolus Service and Maintenance contract warrants to service the turbine every 5000 hrs +/- 10%. This buffer allows us to manage periods of bad weather, when we are unable to climb your turbine, without affecting the warranty on the turbine.

What is the cost of the service?

Within warranty the cost of the service is £2,500.00 per year. While customers sign up for 5 years of warranty servicing the service fee is due annually. Consumables such as the oils, grease and desiccants are excluded and an itemised invoice detailing what consumables have been used will be provided.

Out of warranty servicing pricing to be released shortly (see question below).

What happens about maintenance and servicing once the turbine is out of warranty?

Once the Turbine is out of warranty, Aeolus Power, as one of Endurances Approved Service providers, are qualified to service the turbine out of warranty. We are able to offer you a ‘pay as you go’ contract or a ‘fully comprehensive’ contract. Endurance are still refining their manufacturers recommendations for servicing in year 5 onwards so prices and service schedules will follow as at May 2016.

Does Aeolus Power Limited have a maintenance & operations team?

Yes, we have teams of experienced technicians and office staff. Phil our longest serving technician and supervisor has been with the company since 2006. He has been at the installation of over 100 Endurance E3120 turbines. 3 other member of our technical team each has over 2 years experience of working on wind turbines.

Kat Devine is our technical administrator and has been with the company for over 2 years. She monitors all the turbines daily and is an expert on all the alarms that you might see.

For more information please see the ‘About us’ section of the website.

Can you help if my Turbine breaks down at the weekend or a Bank Holiday?

Yes, we have an out of hours phone line which can be used to contact a member of staff in an emergency over a weekend or bank holiday. Since April 2015 we have responded to 30 calls to our out of hours line at an average of 2.5 minutes per call. The number is not constantly manned but messages are checked and responded to frequently.

We also monitor ERIC over the weekends, either one of the technicians or one of the office staff will log in throughout the day and make sure there are no problems. Urgent problems will be responded to immediately; any non-urgent issues will be logged in our maintenance system and responded to first thing on the next working day.

Do you provide a quotation before any non routine repair work is carried out?

Thanks to ERIC and our ability to remotely monitor your turbine we will often know what is causing a problem before we get there. We will then inform you of the work that needs to be carried out and the approximate cost. Occasionally we get to the turbine and find additional issues which need correcting, in which case the final bill may be more than initially expected: documentary evidence of the work required is always provided and where possible you will receive an updated costing from the office before the work has been carried out.