Current Aeolus Customers

When we installed your turbine we promised you a ‘cradle to grave’ service and we meant it. Looking after your investment through consistent, high quality service and maintenance will help to ensure that your turbine continues to run smoothly. We were the first approved Endurance Wind Power installer within the UK and we have supplied, installed and now maintain approximately 18% of the entire UK Endurance fleet. We have been immersed in wind energy since 2006 and although we can’t promise that you won’t have the occasional problem, we can promise that we shall be here to sort it out for you. From buying the first 2 x E3120 turbines off the production line in Canada to installing the last one off the production line (installed in Wales during 2016) we have experienced most things that wind energy can throw at us!

Our customers get the benefit of experienced field technicians and a knowledgeable team within head office. The technical administrator who monitors ERIC by the week, day, hour and often by the minute will inform you of any potential problems with your turbine or can reassure you that the alert you see on ERIC is nothing to worry about. We ensure you get copies of all the relevant paperwork for your records and when needed will continue to support you with PPA agreements, meter readings and insurance.

New Aeolus E3120 customers

As experts in Endurance turbines we don’t need to have installed your Endurance turbine to be able to service it for you. Installing 150 Endurance turbines and servicing them for 5 years gives Aeolus Power the best possible understanding, knowledge and experience of how they operate, the most likely cause of any failing and how to put things right.

If you are concerned that your turbine hasn’t received the correct standard of servicing or would just like a second opinion on a particular concern, then Aeolus Power will carry out an independent inspection for you and as we are an Endurance Authorised Service Provider you know that you can trust our professionalism. If we undertake the independent review while your turbine is in warranty we will inform both you and Endurance of anything we find so that it can be attended to before your turbine comes out of warranty.

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