Aeolus Power MOT’S

(Maintenance, Operation & Turbine Servicing)

Parts of a turbine wear and need replacing, greasing or adjusting to maintain their performance. So once your turbine has been installed and commissioned you will need to make arrangements for its ongoing maintenance and servicing. Aeolus Power MOT’S (Maintenance, Operation & Turbine Servicing) will ensure your turbine continues to run smoothly and effectively for its lifetime. You can choose the level of service you would like – either ‘pay as you go’ or ’fully comprehensive’ cover. Our fully comprehensive service includes all consumables and unlimited call outs.

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Support, Guidance and Advice

At Aeolus Wind Power Limited we specialise in wind energy. We work with wind power every day and own a number of turbines ourselves so we know first-hand what is involved with obtaining planning permission, siting, installing and maintaining a wind turbine. We can give you the benefit of this knowledge, experience and expertise to make the process of turbine ownership easier for you.

Keeping your turbine turning so that you can rest easily!

The aim of Aeolus Power MOT’S is to maximise turbine ‘up-time’, keep the turbine’s performance optimised and to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Whilst Endurance Wind Power provides documentation for the mandatory elements of a turbine service and Aeolus Power ensure they meet those requirements as a minimum, we do whatever is necessary to maximise the energy generation of your turbine.

During the warranty period you can expect your turbine to have at least one gearbox oil change. Whilst it is standard practice for Aeolus Power to test the oil on each service, to ensure it is free from contaminants, we also ensure that the gearbox oil is completely replaced every 3rd service regardless of the results of the oil test. This helps keep your turbine’s gearbox in good working order. As part of Aeolus’ Power’s customer service a copy of the oil reports are given to you after each service. In line with our continuing commitment to providing cost effective customer service, and based upon our experience of servicing hundreds of turbines, we are pleased that Endurance Wind Power is finalising an amendment to its servicing manual: a full oil change will only be needed every 25,000 operating hours as opposed to every 15,000 hours.

Unscheduled maintenance activities requested by Endurance Wind Power are quickly executed. During 2015 all Endurance turbines received a brake upgrade which was included within the normal service and the Aeolus fleet also received a winter inspection.

Aeolus Power has built upon its dedicated ‘Customer service line’ and in April 2016 we introduced ‘Maintenance Connection’ an online service which allows our customers to swiftly contact us when they have a query or concern. All emails sent by our customers are automatically assigned to their turbine record so the issue can be easily tracked by both Aeolus and turbine owners. Supporting our customers every step of the way, being available to answer your questions and to lend a helping hand whenever needed has always been, and will always be fundamental to the Aeolus Power service.