We installed a turbine at our home, Foxhole Farm, in 2005 and in 2009 our determination to put ‘the right turbine in the right place’ for farmers and landowners took us to consider the ‘best in class’ Endurance wind turbines in Canada. We liked what we saw and we were appointed the first approved Endurance Wind Power distributor in the UK. In 2014 we became the first ‘NFU Farm Energy Service Approved Supplier’ for wind energy and in 2016 we become an Endurance ‘Authorised Service Provider’.

Our love of wind energy began with a desire to reduce the family’s fuel bills at the farmhouse home. Land was available at the farm to construct a wind turbine and company director Christine Griffiths set about building a database of what was required, when, how and why in order to construct and install a wind turbine.

It was her own experiences of the vital importance of the correct siting for a wind turbine that led Christine to turn her life upside down and launch her business. She wanted to give potential wind turbine purchasers support, advice and guidance on siting, the most suitable turbine for the location and provide support with unravelling planning legislation. She was determined to offer the kind of service, expertise and leadership that had not been available when she went through the process of purchasing her own wind turbine, installed at Foxhole Farm in 2005. Aeolus Power Wind Energy Limited was in business.

As the daughter of a Cornish farmer, Christine was no stranger to the highs, lows and challenges of farming life and so focused Aeolus Power on helping farmers to reduce their overhead costs by taking advantage of wind energy.   As a wind turbine owner she understands the importance of keeping the turbine running and ensuring it is well maintained, serviced and in peak condition.

Aeolus Power is a family business and from day one Christine has been supported by her husband Peter and more recently by her daughter Victoria.

Peter Griffiths comes from a Welsh mining family in the Rhondda and was prepared to be a ‘back seat’ partner in Aeolus Power Group with a single stipulation – he would not be working at heights. Pete was the first approved Endurance Wind Power installation supervisor in the UK, which most definitely does involve working at heights!

Victoria Griffiths joined the business in March 2014; after 2 years of training, including a ‘working at heights’ qualification, getting to grips with the challenges of wind energy, and meeting our customers she has become CEO of Aeolus Power Group and is the driving force behind Aeolus MOT’S (Maintenance, Operation & Turbine Servicing).

Wind energy has proved an invaluable resource for many farmers across the UK to fuel their milking, heat their poultry sheds or dry their crops and for many wind energy has also provided the prospect of a pension in a topsy turvey farming industry. We have installed wind turbines in Scotland, Wales and across England and as they come out of warranty, we shall be there to support farmers with maintaining and servicing their turbines with our MOT’S (Maintenance, Operation, Turbine Servicing).

Since 2006 we have been we have supported British farming by providing ‘Power to the Farmer’ and this commitment can be shown through our advertising. The creativity may have changed, our expertise expanded, but our message of ‘Power to the Farmer’ has remained as solid as the foundations of a turbine.

Providing ‘Power to the Farmer’ since 2006

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