At Aeolus Power Wind Limited we specialise in wind energy. We work with wind power every day, have a wind turbine on our farm and are able to give you the benefit of our knowledge, experience and expertise to make the process of turbine ownership easier for you. We know first-hand what is involved with obtaining planning permission, siting, installing and maintaining a wind turbine.

Complete Turnkey Service

We offer a complete support or ’turnkey‘ service which will provide you with advice on every aspect of turbine installation including the necessary wind speeds, where to site a wind turbine and planning requirements. We have our own, qualified and experienced installation teams to site and maintain the turbine for you. We are specialist suppliers and installers who work with wind power 24 hours each day so please contact us to ask questions about wind energy, discuss your own particular project or request more information.

We know what’s needed to install a wind turbine – harnessing wind power is an everyday event for us. If the process is new to you then we can offer support, guidance and advice from the beginning:

Guidance on whether your site is windy enough for a wind turbine

  • Advice on where the turbine should be sited
  • Recommendation on size
  • A full site survey and report
  • Help with sourcing grants
  • Guidelines for wind turbine planning applications
  • Discussions with the national grid energy supplier
  • Help and Guidance with your PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • We will complete your OFGEM application on your behalf
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Insurance guidelines
  • Maintenance