This month, (September 2016) we are celebrating the seventh anniversary of joining with Endurance Wind Power (EWP) to become the first approved UK distributor and installer of the company’s turbines.  A seventh anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts made from wool which, given our involvement with farmers across the country, we feel is entirely appropriate!


In September 2009 Christine and Peter Griffiths visited EWP in Canada and two months later our first E3120 turbine docked in Britain.   In the intervening period we have installed over 130 of the E3120 turbines as well many of the company’s E4660 and X-series models, including the first X35 of a 50m mast. The biggest Endurance turbine in the UK.


The E3120 has been the workhorse of the wind industry since its introduction in 2009 and as farmers are turning to the larger Endurance X range the E3120 is being phased out and we shall be installing our last E3120 in September 2016, seven years after we signed up to distribute, install and maintain the turbines across the UK.


After installing the E3120 for seven years we shall now be supporting E3120 owners with our MOT’S (Maintenance Operation & Turbine Servicing) resource.


The last seven years has simply ‘blown by’, thank you to all staff past and present and of course to all our customers.