Please see below the latest communication from Director Victoria Griffiths to Aeolus customers regarding the recent news that Endurance Canada have ceased trading.

News Update

Aeolus Power (MOT’S) can confirm that Endurance Wind Power Canada ceased trading on the 2nd November 2016 and as a result an administrator has now been appointed.

We still do not have any news on how the situation in Canada will affect the UK operation but are preparing for some disruption.

Aeolus will continue to provide scheduled servicing and unscheduled maintenance and will do as much as we can to limit any impact on our customers. Aeolus is working with the 4 other Approved Service Providers combining our experience and resource to secure parts, equipment and software.

Aeolus is also able to offer an insurance backed warranty, details of which were sent out two weeks ago and in light of the current situation updated information will follow this week.

We will continue communicating with all customers as facts comes out and we are available as always to take calls and answer your questions and concerns.

Thank you all for your support and understanding over the last few days.


  1. what will happen to my warranty?
  2. At this point we don’t know. Aeolus are still working as normal and submitting warranty claims however there may be a risk that these are not accepted if EWP has ceased trading.


  1. what will happen if my turbine breaks down?
  2. Aeolus will continue to monitor and respond to call outs and breakdowns as normal. Aeolus will continue to service your turbines as per the Endurance requirements.


  1. Will my turbine continue to run?
  2. yes, Aeolus have no reason to believe that your turbine will not continue to run as normal. If there is a problem with your turbine then Aeolus will continue to respond in the usual timescales.


  1. What if you can’t fix my turbine?
  2. Aeolus has been working on Endurance turbines for the last 7 years. Our experience and the high level of training our technicians have received from EWP means that we are confident we will continue to fix most turbine issues. Aeolus has also been contracting some of the previous Endurance technicians when expertise is needed and will continue to do so.


  1. Will I be able to get parts?
  2. Most parts on the E3120 are not made by EWP and Aeolus have sourced these “off the shelf” parts independently. Aeolus is also working with the other Approved Service Providers to share parts where necessary.

There may however be a delay in receiving some parts such as blades which are manufactured by Endurance. Aeolus and the other approved service providers are in contact with the relevant parties and are working together to secure these parts.


  1. Will ERIC be affected?
  2. At this point it is not possible to confirm if access to ERIC will be affected or not. We have received assurances from a number of parties that ERIC will not be disrupted, however as a group of service providers we are taking all necessary steps to ensure continuity of service should we need it.