Important Endurance Update

Aeolus Power (MOT’S) ltd has received information that Endurance Wind Power UK and Endurance Power MFTG UK have been placed into administration. We believe that Grant Thornton (UK) were formally appointed on the 30th November 2016. We have no further information as to how this will affect operations but as Grant Thornton begin to explore all available options they have confirmed that keeping existing turbines up and running is a priority.

Aeolus have been in contact with Grant Thornton and can confirm that all outstanding issues that were waiting for action from Endurance have been raised with the administrator. Aeolus will be in contact with all customers this affects directly.

Hallmark Power

Aeolus have also been informed that Hallmark Power have ceased trading, If any of your friends or neighbours are affected by this then please ask them to contact Aeolus, we will offer the same information and advice we give to our own customers and if needed we can respond to breakdowns and alarms. We want to make sure that all Endurance customers are looked after and their turbines keep running.

Business as Usual

Aeolus’ priority will always be to our customers and while I do understand that some of these updates may increase the anxieties felt by customers I want to reassure you that Aeolus are working constantly to not only ensure that your turbines are continued to be looked after on a day to day basis but that the customers’ needs are forefront in the minds of the administrators.

We will be working throughout the Christmas period, with technicians responding to breakdowns and carrying out servicing and Victoria available to talk to in the office or on the out of hours number.

A reminder that our out of hours number is 0800 468 1323

As always we are more than happy to discuss all queries and concerns with you so please give us a call if we can help.