Case Study

Beech Tree Farm near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire was already running a successful composting site when brothers Craig and Neil Birch began to consider installing a wind turbine.

The idea of continuing to enhance their environmental credentials and earning an income from wind was appealing so they contacted Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Ltd to discuss which turbine would best suit the needs and location of the farm.

Aeolus Power {Wind-Energy) Ltd has a range of turbines for farmers and is an approved UK distributor and installer of the powerful Endurance Wind Power E-3120, 50kW wind turbine.

Desk research identified that the farm had sufficient wind to install a wind turbine, so Bill Jackson, Business Development Manager of Aeolus Power arranged to meet with the farmers and conduct a detailed site survey.

The survey considered where the turbine should be sited, wind levels, affect upon wildlife,
visual impact on the landscape, access and planning regulations. The findings were recorded and a written report of the survey given to Craig and Neil.

Christine Griffiths, Director of Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Limited knows that obtaining planning permission can be a lengthy process,

“Obtaining planning permission is still the most difficult and the most time consuming part of t he wind turbine installation process. We have links with planning consultants across the UK to guide our customers through the precise requirements of the planning officers within their areas, but the process can still be arduous.” Craig Birch says, “We have always wanted to produce our own clean power. The fuel (the wind) is free and is not going to run out. Hopefully the turbine will continue to operate as reserves of oil and gas begin to decline.”

The Endurance Wind Power E-3120 50kW wind turbine was supplied and installed by Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) on 12th April 2011. The company offers turbine owners the ability to ‘remotely monitor’ their turbine’s performance and to have a personal password protected page on the company’s website where the data is updated hourly.

Since installation, the average wind speed has been 5.83 m/s (metres per second) with a maximum of 27.4 m/s being recorded. The turbine has produced 122,722 kWh of energy during its 6315 hours of operation . This equates to an estimated 170,000 kWh for the full year and
represents a payback of less than 6 years.

The Endurance Wind Power E-3120 SOkW wind turbine was selected as the most appropriate turbine for the site. The farm had 3-phase electricity, sufficient wind speed and a suitable installation site to take advantage of this remarkable ‘best in class’ turbine.

Neil & Craig & Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Limited are actively investigating the opportunity for a second turbine, Neil says,

“You can be progressive, increase value and be sustainable at the same time.”