Case Study

Installed in 2011, Beech Tree Farm is one of the first to sign up to one of Aeolus Power MOT’S new out of warranty service contracts.

Aeolus Power Wind Energy Ltd installed an Endurance E3120 at Beech Tree Farm in Leicestershire during April 2011.  The turbine has produced just under 800,000 kwh over the last 5 years and has operated at 98% availability (the amount of time the turbine is able to run, wind permitting). Environmental issues are important to Craig and Neil Birch, owners of Beech Tree Farm, and as well as managing a successful arable and livestock farm they also have a large composting site.  The ‘green bin’, organic waste collected from Melton Borough Council and Kesteven Borough council is all processed at Beech Tree Farm and used on the farm as fertiliser.

Wind energy represented the continuing development of the farm’s environmental credentials and regular maintenance of the turbine has been essential.  The purchase of a wind turbine represents a substantial investment and making sure it operates as it ought to do is essential.

“Knowing that your turbine is maintained as and when it should be gives you peace of mind,”

After a visit to the farm from Victoria at Aeolus, Craig and Neil decided to take up Aeolus’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) package which includes all monitoring, office support, remote repairs and diagnosis and notification of when the service is due. The PAYG option allows for lower upfront costs but offers piece of mind that the turbine will continue to be monitored and looked after. Craig knows that Aeolus are only a phone call away if needed.

Aeolus will continue to service the turbine to the highest standard and since installation the turbine has received a brake upgrade and winter inspection. Aeolus have also tested the gearbox oil on every service and completely replaced it every 3rd service to ensure the gearbox stays in good working order, believing that prevention is better than cure. To support peace of mind, a copy of every oil test conducted, even as a preventative measure has been given to Craig and Neil along with their standard service reports. Just like a garage Aeolus keeps records of all historic services and can provide these to customers at any time.

Once Craig and Neil had decided to stay with Aeolus for their post warranty servicing Aeolus conducted an out of warranty inspection on the turbine, this was just to make sure that everything was still running smoothly as they came out of the warranty period.

“We have always been really pleased with the work carried out by Aeolus Power and enjoyed working with them. You get to know everyone you speak to which you don’t often get with companies now,” said Craig.